BeamNG Drive Free Download [Pc and Mac]

BeamNG Free Download for [PC/Mac]

Download to get the most out of this driving simulation. Our soft-body simulation engine simulates every part of a vehicle and produces correct behavior. The simulation faithfully reproduces the excitement of driving in the real-world thanks to years spent researching, designing, and experimenting.

Why should I download BeamNG Drive Free?

Soft-body physics:

The BeamNG Physics Engine is at the heart of the most precise and detailed vehicle simulations you’ve ever seen. The game’s exact and incredibly damaged model allows for crashes to be visceral.

Vehicles: lets users experiment with a wide variety of high-end customizable cars. You can adjust all moving parts to create virtually any kind or driving experience. Everything is yours, including the suspension and engines.


There is much to learn as you travel. It is composed of 12 open-world landscapes that feel just as large and varied than the gameplay options. You can use your new setup to test it in sections of a tropical forest, a desert, a boulevard, or on a fast highway.

More attributes of BeamNG Drive free download

Game Modes

This is a much more complex driving simulator than you might expect. The variety of gameplay options available is amazing, whether you’re looking to complete a simple delivery mission or create a whole map to test new car designs.

You can roam free:

Don’t feel restricted. To avoid feeling constrained, you can drive any vehicle to your destination and then explore. This game mode allows you to manipulate objects and the environment. Experimentation is key. Try changing gravity or speeding up wind speeds to challenge yourself!


There are tons of scenarios that offers for different types of drivers. You can beat police cruisers and complete a truck delivery request in record time. The realistic physics engine makes any situation engaging and immersive.

Time Trials

Try it out! Pick a vehicle, setting, route, and test yourself. Get better at what you do while improving your skills and competing against others.

Modding and community content:

We take great pride in the active community of gamers who create engaging conversations and exciting vehicle builds, environments, and game scenarios for others to enjoy. With’s extensive modding features, you can alter and improve almost anything. Anybody can customize their gaming experience by using the built-in World Editor.


Automation has collaborated with us to make it possible for players to export their creations into Automation’s game is about managing a car company. With Automation, it is simple to design your car and engine, then select the export option. Then launch Your most recent creation will appear under the vehicles section.


Player choice distinguishes from other driving games. You can create any kind of scenario you like with your truck or car, and watch it unfold in a realistic manner. Our soft-body physics engine allows you to create any scenario that you want using modding features. It’s not just about the cars; you can design your driving experience using the vast and adaptable open world. is the most comprehensive and genuinely enjoyable vehicle simulator you will ever play, thanks to its combination of industry-leading physics, limitless customizability, and close-knit community.

The technical specifications are included in the release.

BeamNG drive’s requirements for systems

Before you start the BeamNGDrive Free Download, make sure that your computer meets minimum system requirements.



  • DirectX 11th Release
  • There is 20GB storage available.
  • Additional Information: The recommended resolution for games is 1080p. Modifying games will require more storage space. A gamepad is advised.

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