Offline Cryptocurrency Wallet for PC and Mac

Written by CRYPall Ltd.

  • Financial: category
  • Publication date: 08/30/2010
  • Licence: $0.99
  • Software Version 2.6
  • File size 15.27MB
  • compatibility: Windows 11 to 10, Windows 8 to 7, Vista and Mac OS 10 11 15.15
  • How it works

What’s Great

1. This application generates a random address and private keys of crypto currency completely offline. It is therefore the best way to store your assets.

2. Because everything, including our offline wallet, can be hacked and stolen, you should store your crypto assets in the offline vault.

3. Hacking can even occur to „Ledger“, as your computer can store viruses that can steal data from „Ledger“, and upload it to third parties when you connect to internet.

4. Tutorials will be shown in the application how to access the funds.

Description and features of an offline cryptocurrency wallet

Key Features

Latest Version: 2.6

Licence: $0.99

What does Offline Cryptocurrency Wallet Do? Why are other wallets free to download but this one is charged? – The wallets are free to download, but they charge a fee to access the funds. Your cryptocurrency could be taken or used by them. Our Application generates a wallet only for you. This wallet can’t be accessed by anyone else. Keep your crypto assets safe in the offline wallet. Otherwise, everything could be hacked. Over the years we've seen a lot of stolen crypto currency even in the largest „protected“ websites which offer buy, sell or exchange of the crypto currencies. Your computer can even be hacked by „Ledger“, as it can store viruses that can steal data from the „Ledger“, and upload it to third parties when you connect to internet. You don't have to keep your assets there, because there is a big risk to be stolen by hacking or phishing. You can only deposit your funds in the offline wallet to avoid theft. It cannot be hacked. You can store your crypto currencies offline: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Your private key is required to access your funds. Tutorials will be provided in the application to help you access the funds. OFFLINE ACCESS IS EASY. TURN OFF DATA AND WI-FI, OR SWITCH OFF AIRPLANE MODE. The APPLICATION WILL NOT STORE OR HOLD ANY CRYPTO COURRENCY. APPLICATION DISABLES ANY INFORMATION THE CRYPTO CURRENCY THAT YOU HAVE IN THE GENERATED WALLET IS STORED ONLY IN THE BLOCKCHAIN OF THE CRYPTO CURRENCY! WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU KEEP YOUR PRIVATE PKEYS STORED IN ANY MOBILE DEVICES, COMPUTERS OR OTHER ACCESSIBLE METHODS. You can use pen and paper.

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